Early Music Education

Share the joy of music with your child! Children develop a greater appreciation of music the earlier in life they are exposed to it. Kelsey currently teaches Music Adventures, Music Pups® and Music Cats® at Music and Play, a music studio in the SW of Calgary. She is very excited about these programs as they help children develop a strong musical base while introducing them to a variety of musical styles.


Music Pups®

Ages 0-3



Full of singing, dancing, movement and instrument play, parents learn how to enrich their child’s music environment, increase music potential and understand their child’s music development through the Music Pups® program. This developmentally appropriate, mixed-age program by The Music Class® allows siblings to enjoy their first music classes together and are designed for infants to 4 year-olds, each with a parent or caregiver.

Music Cats®

Ages 4-5



For students aged 4-5, Music Cats classes – by The Music Class® – builds on the skills learned in Music Pups, feature the same spirited and fun environment, and include more challenging activities – specially designed to capitalize on the ability and creativity of our ‘big kids’. Also like Music Pups, each class IS PARENTED, is 45-minutes long, and materials include a copy of the current Music Pups CD and songbook PLUS an additional Music Cats practice CD. Note: families already owning the appropriate Music Pups materials only need the additional Music Cats CD.

Music Adventures

Ages 3-5



Students will sing, listen, move, play instruments and create their own musical world in our Music Adventures program. Using a child-centered model and drawing on the Kodaly method and Orff Schulwerk, the concepts of rhythm, melody, form, and expression are taught while students are exposed to many styles of world music and traditional songs.